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Bonus Creative 20 for 20 Project

As we all know everyone in the world has been affected either directly or indirectly by the Covid 19 virus as I looked around wondering how I could help or who I could help I had an idea I’m calling it the “20 for 20 project”, $20 for 20 businesses in 20 days.  We’ve selected 20 locally owned small businesses in the state of Oklahoma; businesses who are all equally affected.  In fact a lot of them have been told they can’t open their doors for 21 days.  To donate visit the Go Fund Me page below.

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Bo is so great to work with. He is super responsive to emails. His work is on-time, every single time. I use him for both my videos and my client's. I am a big fan and highly recommend him!

Stefanie Mullen
Social Media Strategist
Founder, Simplifying Social